What's New in PlantFactory 2016

Growth Simulation

Growth Simulation

Preset Variations

Preset Variations

PlantFactory 2015 introduced the concept of Presets. PlantFactory 2016 now introduces the concept of Preset Variations(3).

Preset Variations allow you to immediately include subtle differences to your plant (change the number of buds on a blooming flower, or its petal colors for instance).

This new feature allows you to easily add variety to create realistic environments with one single plant species!

Level Of Detail (LOD)


PlantFactory now offers the ability to configure the level of detail in a plant model(1).

Once you have set the number of LODs you need, there are 3 ways to configure them:

  1. Let PlantFactory automatically decimate the geometry for you
  2. Set the behavior of each node in your plant graph depending on the LOD
  3. Use the LOD selector node to set a different plant graph per LOD

Global LOD options let you select the type of geometry for Offline rendering or Real-time engines(2) and control different aspect of your species LODs:

Once set, you can export each LOD geometry independently to many standard file formats.

Finally, VUE, Carbon Scatter and Bentley LumenRT Connect Edition will automatically use the LODs set in your .tpf files, without requiring you to export the plant.

Additional Edition Parameters

Some new parameters were added in the Segment node to further help you customize your plant designs:

Some features are only available in certain versions. Please review the comparative chart.

(1) PlantFactory Producer and Studio

(2) PlantFactory Producer only

(3) PlantFactory Producer, Studio and Designer