What's New in PlantFactory 2015


  • Generate plant geometry as Quads (1)
  • Merge branch geometry using Subdivision Surfaces (requires Quad geometry) (1)
  • Multiple meshing algorithms using triangles or quads, with optional adaptive density and manual density control(1)
  • More control over mesh density of individual parts of the plant (1)
  • Use as second UV layer to add detail maps
  • Use double-sided materials, e.g. for the front/back of leaves


  • 19 new plant species (1)
  • 44 simple tutorial scenes explaining specific settings(1)
  • Redesigned content, optimized for the new wind
  • Preset material library

User Experience

  • Redesigned interface and workflow for an improved "new-user" experience
  • Trunk, Branch, Twig, Stem, Leaf and Billboard framework nodes help you get going fast
  • Basic and Advanced workspaces, adapted for newcomers and power users
  • Edit the same parameter for several nodes simultaneously (1)
  • Simplified material creation using the new Basic Material Editor with standard channels for diffuse, alpha, normals and detail maps


  • Export meshes using Alembic .ABC format (Ogawa v1.5 and HDF5 v1.0) (1)
  • Send portions of plant to ZBrush for sculpting, then back to PlantFactory (using GoZ) (1)
  • Export materials using Walt Disney Animation's Ptex standard (2)
  • Export plants as multiple meshes (i.e. one mesh per node) (2)
  • Clean exports thanks to automatic merging of duplicate points
  • Custom tailored FBX export preset for Unity 5


  • New ultra-realistic wind animation model
  • Standardized wind animation for both real-time and offline rendering
  • New optimnized "Leaf" Node to easily add animated leaves to your plants


  • New lightweight Simple Segment node for small branches and twigs; can be switched to Advanced Segment easily when necessary
  • New Random Range node to create random values depending on the plant seed (ideal to easily create diversity with one single plant graph) (1)
  • New Node presets for the Segment and Leaf nodes (3)
  • Automatic hiding of Control nodes in the graph, for improved legibility (3)

Content shown on this page is not necessarily included with the product. Some features are only available in certain versions. Please review the comparative chart.

(1) PlantFactory Producer and Studio

(2) PlantFactory Producer only

(3) PlantFactory Producer, Studio and Designer