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Export TPF plants as static 3D meshes

PlantFactory Exporter is designed for CG artists using any 3D application (such as 3DS Max, Maya, Cinema 4D, Softimage, LightWave, Modo, etc).

This very simple version of PlantFactory lets you browse PlantFactory assets, purchase exactly the plant species you need, generate variations of these plants with the click of a button, adjust settings such as age, season, health and other published parameters, and export* them as static 3D meshes for use in other 3D applications.

* Mesh resolution can be adjusted per export.

Download PlantFactory Exporter for FREE!

The download is approximately 230 Mb and includes 64-bit Windows and Mac versions. PlantFactory is currently available in English only.

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PlantFactory Nursery

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Visit the PlantFactory Nursery

Following the release of PlantFactory, many artists have joined the Cornucopia3D Brokering program to share and sell their PlantFactory content.

Hosted on Cornucopia3D, the Nursery offers direct access to all the PlantFactory content available there: tpf.cornucopia3d.com

The PlantFactory Nursery currently includes over 290 plant species, and is growing rapidly. Most of the content is fully animated (wind and breeze), and includes automatic age and health settings.

What is a plant species?

A Plant Species is a set of PlantFactory rules that define how a specific plant grows and what it looks like. Unlike static meshes, plants generated by the PlantFactory will always look a bit different from one another. Simply load a TPF plant species into Exporter, and click the New Variation icon to generate a different plant from that species.

On top of defining the aspect of the plant, a TPF plant species usually defines age, season and health controls that let you fine-tune the look of your plant.

PlantFactory is a 64 bits application only, designed for the Windows® Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10 as well as Intel Mac OS X platforms. A video board that is capable of running Shader model 4 is required. For better performance, a minimum of 1GB of video RAM is recommended (Video RAM should not be confused with system RAM. Video RAM resides solely on your video board).

Performance of the software is directly related to the power of the system running it. PlantFactory is optimized to make the best of all the processors/cores on your system. The power of your video board directly impacts the frame-rate of the plant preview.

Recommended System Specs

Compatibility Chart


Carbon Scatter (1)


PlantFactory 2014 (4)

VUE 2014.7+

VUE 2015.2+

Carbon Scatter Pro 2015.1+

LumenRT 2015.5+(2)

PlantFactory 2015 (5)

VUE 2014.7+

VUE 2015.2+

VUE 2016

Carbon Scatter Pro 2015.5+

Carbon Scatter 2017

LumenRT 2015.5+(2)

PlantFactory 2016

VUE 2015.2+

VUE 2016

Carbon Scatter Pro 2015.5+

Carbon Scatter 2017

Bentley LumenRT Connect Edition Update 1(3)

(1) PlantFactory Designer, Studio and Producer only

(2) PlantFactory Studio and Producer only

(3) PlantFactory Producer only

(4) Requires PlantFactory 2014.7 update or higher

(5) Requires PlantFactory 2015.2 update or higher