Following the release of PlantFactory, many artists have joined the Cornucopia3D Brokering program to share and sell their PlantFactory content.

Hosted on Cornucopia3D, the Nursery offers direct access to all the PlantFactory content available there:

The PlantFactory Nursery currently includes over 275 plant species, and is growing rapidly. Most of the content is fully animated (wind and breeze), and includes automatic age and health settings.

Exchange Area

Have you created a plant that you would like to share easily with others? The Cornucopia3D Exchange Area is for you!

Simply create a Cornucopia3D account and you can immediately share the PlantFactory items you created on the Exchange Area:

Online Documentation

Customer Care

Whether you are looking for information before purchasing, tutorials, or support you are at the right place! Click one of the links below and let us help you :-)