Create, Edit and Export High-Quality Animated 3D Plants

Procedural plants with unlimited control for special fx, architectural visualization and real-time environments

Flowers, Bushes, Hero Trees

Build any type of plant, at all levels of detail and export with animation to all 3D Apps

PlantFactory is a must have for any vfx pipeline - not only as an ideal companion to VUE, but also as a strong ally in any general environment production scenario.
Peter Baustaedter, VFX Art Director & Environment Artist


Create unique variations, play with Age, Health & Season - You Have Full Control!

As a landscape architect, PlantFactory is a fantastic tool! I can show my clients what their project will look like at any season throughout the year, or what it'll be like in 10 years.
Frederic Bec, Landscape Architect

Blowing in the Wind

Enjoy beautiful wind effects - Animate all plant properties over time

I totally recommend PlantFactory for any digital artist. I can grow realistic plants for my shots, shape them to any season and age, and export all the variations to build a complete library!
Dark Hoffman, Matte Painter at DarkGrafix

From Games to VFX

Export rigged & animated plants, low-poly for real-time or super-detailed for rendering

As a visualization specialist for large architectural and infrastructure projects, PlantFactory is a dream come true! It provides all the tools and flexibility I need to create botanical richness across both pre-generated and real-time visualization platforms.
Jerry Flynn, Visualization Specialist at Bentley Systems

3 Ways of Building Plants

Draw by hand, assemble building blocks or program a graph of nodes - Find Your Process!

I've worked extensively with just about every vegetation software out there, and PlantFactory won me over completely. It has the power of function graphs and complex logic, yet the simplicity and ease that every artist needs to get the job done quickly. It is now a permanent part of my pipeline.
Dax Pandhi, Digital Artist at QuadSpinner

Procedural Definition

Control plant properties through a graph of nodes, define relationships, apply randomness...

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